The Audacious Dreamer


When a young girl takes the first steps of courage to leave behind the only life she knows, it opens up her world to all sorts of possibilities.Despite intimidating odds, she embraces different experiences that curve out a great path for her life. The audacious dreamer shares the experiences that will leave you curious to let your dreams be your
compass and embrace everything that you encounter in life.


Peris Mbuthia is a Kenyan entrepreneur who runs a very successful Medical Spa in Nairobi. She is married to Martin Mbuthia, with whom they have two beautiful daughters; Sandra and Maxine. Peris has been involved in the health and beauty industry internationally for over 20 years and has been actively involved in the Kenyan local media in promoting and educating people on the importance of skincare. She has lived in the UK, USA and Canada and
was actively involved in her local church’s youth club. With the hope to inspire and transform lives, Peris has put all her gained knowledge and experiences into this book.


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